Friday 8 March 2013


As I laid in bed talking over the day with my Handsome Husband the other night, he said something so profound that I need to share. I was *complaining* about the number of times I have to say something to the boys before they respond, and just how hair-pulling-frustrating it is. As he laid quietly listening to me vent, give examples, and then vent some more, he said,"Have you ever considered that they're not ignoring you? It's just so darn hard to hear anything over their own awesomeness." And it's true. I have no doubt in my mind that these two little men of mine have a running commentary in their little noggin's to rival a stand up comic! Since our talk it's still been hard at times as I wait for a logical and reasonable response time, but it's also been much easier to understand where they're coming from. So yes, I still expect a response when I'm talking to them, but now I'm willing to give them sometime to 'come to.' Life is just a little bit sweeter.

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