Thursday 28 March 2013

Superhero Room

My sweet little gentlemen have been so patient as I have worked on projects for their room. Really it doesn't look like I did much, but when I break it down maybe you'll see why it took me months to complete...literally. Or maybe you'll decide I'm lazy. Either way, it's done and I'm happy ha!

My little superheros are happy as clams to have their space just the way they wanted it! Here's a break down of the projects that went into this room:

Painting stripes on a feature wall

Making bunk beds from scratch [ the Hubby did this one. Only the base bed is in the room right now until Eli is ready for bunk beds]

Sewing superhero blankets

Creating the superhero art prints

Photographing my boys with their superhero blankets

Painting a shelf and mounting it to the entrance wall for special superhero items

My boys are loving their personal space, and play in their room now -cause it's a cool place to be ha! It brings me joy to see their sweet faces light up with each little detail that has been added. 

Oh, and baby girl's nursery is done! Eek can't believe I actually FINISHED that project on time! And Eli's baby book is done! Yep, that's a whole lot of ticks off the 'ol to do list! 


  1. wonderful katie! I didn't know you had a baby girl on the way! congrats! You will have the same 'constellation' as us. boy boy girl.

    1. Britt! Baby girl is due May 3rd - a mere 5 weeks away! It's amazing all the coincidences in our lives; same wedding and engagement rings, same birth order for babes, same sweet moms and lawyer dads!


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