Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Just over a week ago, former President Bill Clinton was a guest on CNN with Dr.Sanjay Grupta. Being the busy Mama that I am, I missed the segment when it aired. However seeing as Dr.Grupta and President Clinton were talking about heart disease, the number one killer of men and women (regardless of race) in North America, I was more than intrigued. Now having watched it, I am tickled pink that CNN is as credible as I've always hopped them to be - as this report is far from endorsed by the Dairy, Meat, or Egg industry (ie - not what the economists want you to hear.) So grab a glass of water, and some crudites for a snack and watch this video. If you're reading The China Study this report will only reinforce all that you're currently learning about. And if you're not reading The China Study yet, this report will give you more incentive to get your hands on a copy!

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