Saturday, 17 September 2011

SO you want to be a Vegan...

When I started down the vegan path, I was shocked at how easy it was to transition. Before I was eating Greek yogurt daily, whey protein isolate shakes after most workouts, and meat without thought. I dealt with gastrointestinal distress daily - something that I only realized once I eliminated dairy, meat, and eggs from my nutritional intake. Becoming vegan is a very daunting idea for many. What I hear most - admittedly even from my own lips - is "But what about cheese? I could never give up cheese!" Well guess what? There is life after cheese. And life without cheese is wonderful!

To help you find your footing, and learn the vegan ropes so to speak, here are a few sources that I have found extremely helpful:

Love Veggies and Yoga  Averie is a vegan who blogs about fitness, lifestyle, and food. She is partial to sweet recipes, and usually gives a vegan and/or gluten free option to her recipes.

Healthy Tipping Point  Caitlin is the creator of the "Operation Beautiful" movement, and blogs about lifestyle, fitness, and food. She is a vegetarian and has some great recipes that you can easily transform into a vegan dish!

Whole Food Mommies is a blog authored by three Mom's: Veteran, Maintenance, and Newbie Mommies. Their recipes are all plant based, no revisions required!

Live Extraordinary is a blog authored by a good friend of mine whom is a ways further down the plant based nutrition route than myself. Estelle studied Holistic Nutrition and has many insights, recipes, and informational tidbits to share. Her blog is definitely worth looking at!

No Meat Athlete is a fantastic resource for athlete and non-athletes alike. For those unsure as to whether they will get enough protein eating a plant based diet, definitely take a look at this site! Protein is not the be all, end all that we've been led to believe!

And here's two I found recently, which I haven't looked at too carefully myself, but thought I would pass on to you all as well:

Une Vie Saine  and That Normal Vegan

I hope this gives you a good jumping off point! Sometimes all we need is a little bit of knowledge to make the vegan leap - and I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful food is on the other side!

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