Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lest we Forget

Where we you ten years ago today? What were you doing? What were you thinking?

I walked up the stairs, glasses on, hair a mess, and crumpled clothes thrown haphazardly on  - I was home sick from school -  I walked into the family room adjacent to our kitchen and froze. The TV was on, replaying the same clip over and over, an image that to this day I can not remove from my mind. My parents were on vacation in New York City, and that morning they were to be visiting the World Trade Center before heading out to Pennsylvania to visit my Mom's brother. Shock ran through me, yet I was still unable to move; unable to do anything but watch. My older brother walked in to find me frozen in place, and immediately let me know that Mom and Dad had called. They had changed their plans after talking to us the day before, and decided to go to Mom's brother's on the 10th instead. So many parents, siblings, friends were lost that day, and I am so very grateful that mine were spared from that tragedy. In honor of all those who were lost, not only in the attack, but in the rescue efforts and war that ensued, I urge you to count your many blessings as you reflect today. Marla over at Family Fresh Cooking has asked everyone to join her in remembering - over cake.

So bake a healthy cake (or a not healthy one), call in your family, and count you many blessings as you share a moment together. Be Grateful. Be Humble. Be Present. And always Remember.

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