Wednesday 14 September 2011


I've been sidelined for a week as my foot heals. It is not a serious injury - thank goodness! - but the size, depth, and location of the bruise makes walking a tender obviously anything high impact is out for now. I miss you running! 
Patience is not my strong suit. My two little boys stretch and test me daily as I ernestly seek a more patience disposition. Even now, sweet Darius is sitting behind me, pushing and shoving me - silently of course - trying to get a rise out of me...and so my foot is just another way of practicing patience I guess.
Before my super silly acident, I was trying out a training plan that incorporates trekking (it's a new class at select gyms that I recently heard about, researched, and became intrigued with) and cross fit. On alternate days, one of the two heart pounding workouts is endured enjoyed with a yoga break in the middle of the week to recharge and stretch out. Interested? Here's my little 'how to' on increasing your cardiovascular abilities!

Trekking (a treadmill workout)

5 minute warm up @ 0% incline ( I warm up at 4.0mph - make sure you're going at a normal speed for you)
Once warm up is complete, increase speed by 0.1mph increments, at 20 second intervals, until you are no longer able to hold a run. For example, 4.0 - 4.1 - 4.2 - 4.3 etc until hitting 5.2mph. This speed (5.2 in the example) is now your set point. If you would like to complete the workout at a run, increase your speed by 0.5mph. If you would like to complete it at a walk, decrease you speed by 0.5mph. For example, 5.2 + 0.5 = 5.7mph running speed, or 5.2 - 0.5 = 4.7mph walking speed. Now for the workout!

During your trek you do not adjust the speed (unless ABSOLUTELY neccesary for safety sake) but do adjust the incline to mimic climbing hills (now are you seeing why it's called trekking?) Here is a sample hills workout:

1-3 minutes 2% incline
3-5 minutes 4% incline
5-7 minutes 2% incline
7-10 minutes 4% incline
10-12 minutes 5% incline
12-14 minutes 4% incline
14-17 minutes 5% incline
17-19 minutes 6% incline
19-20 minutes 0% incline

After the minute at 0% incline, speed work is now the focus, and the incline stays at 0%. Your goal: 10-20 20 second sprints. Sprint for 20 seconds, then straddle the treadmill mat for 20 seconds to catch your breath. Alternate this pattern for a minimum of 10 sprints, and a up to 20 sprints. Remember, 10 is your goal - but don't sacrifice speed to make it. Meaning, if you have to run slower for all 10 sprints to accomplish a total of 10 sprints, don't do it. Run full out. Training at your top speed is the only way to increase your speed, so don't cheat yourself.

This trekking workout should take you a total of about 40-50 minutes

a treadmill is a lot more convient this this, but man I'd take the fresh air and scenery anyday!

Alternate trekking days with Crossfit days. For a variety of crossfit workouts I love to reference this site. Check it out!

Try this training combo out (with a yoga day mid week) for a couple of weeks, and tell me what you think! Do you feel stronger, have a higher endurance capacity, or reach faster speeds? I'd love to hear from you!

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