Friday 25 January 2013

Auction Item

Thank you all so much for your responses on my post here, asking for advice on what to offer at the Service Auction. I had blog comments, Facebook comments, and emails giving me feedback, and after sorting through it all I came to two conclusions. 

1) I love that everyone thinks differently and views life in different ways! There were many wonderful compliments, awesome suggestions [ideas I honestly had never thought of before and greatly appreciated] and some sound advice. The sound advice came in the form of an email from a friend who has known me since I was a teenager and her husband was my seminary teacher [to learn more about seminary check out this link.] She helped me realize that while teaching services are wonderful to receive you also need to make sure that you have the time and energy to give them. I am entering my third trimester with baby number three guys - what in the world was I thinking??? Scheduling life right now is tricky, even for necessary things like blood work, midwife appointments, and cleaning the bathrooms. Putting off teaching a service that someone very excitedly snapped up would cause major guilt and anxiety for me so, needless to say, I decided to leave offering to teach bread baking, blog creating [isn't that a fun idea? Thanks again Sheri!] or creating a magnetic board till next time.

2) We all have so much to give. We have all been blessed with innumerable talents, and they become stronger and more refined as we focus our attention on them. A great way to increase your talents is by sharing them, and so I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share with my Sisters. That being said, you don't need to have an event in your calendar to attend before getting creative on someone else's behalf. If you are struggling to recognize what talents you possess, ask those who know you and you'll be given many ideas that may not have even occurred to you. Seriously, I felt very flattered by the suggestions I received!

After combing through your votes, here's what I decided to make:

   40"x 41" Flannelette receiving blanket and 0-3 month old long sleeve body suit in Superman patterns

When Darius saw this he thought it was for his sister and was over joyed! He and Eli have superhero blankets, and he feels his sister needs one too - so I guess I need to find some more fabric to make something for his sister too haha! Hopefully this gift pack finds its way into the hands of a Mama who loves Superman as much as we do at our house!

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  1. Super Cute!! and yes - I agree with the boys - little sister should be a superhero too! (when you have the time and energy!) I know the winning bid will make someone very happy!


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