Tuesday 15 January 2013

working it out in style

Belly approved fitness gear is not always easy to find or attractive, but seeing as I've found the mecca for cute preggo workout clothes I thought I'd share! Here's the run down of what I wear when getting my sweat on:

This T stretches comfortably over my growing bump, wicks sweat [keeping me cool and happy to keep on working!] and doesn't smell! I bought a few of these after Darius was born[almost five years ago!!!], and just keep on adding to my collection because they're awesome with or without a burgeoning belly :)

I have this tank, and several variations on the this style as well. Why I love it? Because it has a built in bra with great support, the straps don't dig into my shoulders, and the body had ample room to house a bursting midriff, or a toned tummy. The breathabilty of the fabric is exceptional, and the flow of the fabric is comfortable as well as accommodating to a full range of motion.

I LIVE in these pants! I simply love how they sit low enough to allow for an expanding belly, are tight enough to not get in the way while moving, yet not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Oh, and did I mention that they make any butt look better? Really. Seeing as we're enjoying a full on winter experience  if I'm heading out doors I pair these with knee high socks and boots, and stay nice and warm! Love these babies!

While I may not be running right now, these are comfortable, cushion-y in all the right places, and cut out the post work out shoe stink. They may be pricey compared to other socks,[unless you are a technical sock lover like me, then these are right on par price wise with all the other specially designed socks] investing in good socks will go a really long way towards keeping your feel happy and ready to deliver yet another smashing workout!

While this is a non-essential item, I find it comes in really handy. Featuring a no slip grip which holds the band in place, and the ability to adjust it to fit your noggin just right, this headband keeps me feeling pretty whether I'm sweating it out, or cleaning the toilet; and feeling pretty is always a good thing :)

So there you have it! All items that can be used before, during and after pregnancy, which maximizes your wardrobe dollars! All of these items featured here are from LULULEMON, and are made from their specially designed fabrics. These fabrics wick moisture, hold their shape, and last what seems like forever! The customer service I have experienced with the company has been phenomenal! Recently I had them replace a bag I had purchased from one of their stores when it ripped A YEAR AFTER PURCHASE! Any store that stands by it's products that strongly gets my support for sure! I currently use a lululemon bag as my diaper bag, and while it is an older product, it is quite similar to this one:

This bag is perfect for the gym...or for toting snacks, diapers and wipes, wallet, water, lip gloss, and cell phone. I love that the lining is waterproof, and that it comes with a little water proof bag for 'sweaty gym clothes' [or poopy baby clothes] which I have utilized several times. Love that feature!

Do you have a favorite piece of pregnancy approved workout gear? 

*this post was in no way sponsored or affiliated with lululemon. These are my own opinions and preferences, and I am not being reimbursed in any way for sharing them - I simply wanted to let you know what works best for me!

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