Monday 21 January 2013

Service Auction

Okay, I need some feedback. The women's organisation I belong to through my Church [learn more about the women's organisation here, and about the Church as a whole here] is holding a service auction. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Each Sister will either bring an item they have created with their own two hands, or offer up a service by way of teaching or doing for another. Examples of services that may be up for grabs are:

-baby blankets
-homemade baked goods
-a complimentary hair-cut or hair colour
-gel nails
-eyelash extensions
-offering to babysit
-teach someone to garden, bake, refinish wood, reupholster furniture,sew,canning etc.
-snow removal for a month :)
-show someone how to decorate a room
-help a sister shop for a new outfit
-make a sister dinner
-organise a pantry,closet or desk etc
-self-made booklet on your best kept cleaning tips

Now comes the part where I ask YOU all for help! I can not decide what to offer, as I really want it to be something that would brighten someones night when they see it on display. You know, the items where you see it and say,"that's EXACTLY what I was looking for!!" So, here's some ideas I've been kicking around, and if you all want to just comment what you would snap up if you were attending the event, then that would be awesome!

  • Little boy receiving blanket and onesie in Superman patterns
  • Teaching someone how to make/bake wholewheat bread
  • A pan of black bean brownies in a hot/cold food carry case [that I've made]
  • Little Girl Apron
  • Magnetic Board [I'm thinking 20x24] and Magnets
If you're looking at my list and thinking,"hmmm, I wouldn't choose any of those; I would want ____________" then please let me know what would thrill you to see. AND if you're looking at the list and thinking," hmmm, I would take a few of those!" then please list all the items you would snap up! Thanks so much in advance!!!


  1. I think there are lots of women who don't know how to make bread yet. Bringing a loaf of bread to the auction with the service of teaching them to make it would be awesome.

  2. The pan of brownies with the carry case sounds good to me! What would the magnetic board be for? Just like a post it board? That could be nice too! We had a service auction last year and the teaching services went fast!

    1. Heidi thanks for telling me this is you, cause I seriously wouldn't have guessed haha! The magnetic board would be for an organization station, holding papers, pictures, and what not. Its a sturdy design, with a black border. Thank's for weighing in!

  3. You do such a great job with your blog - someone may appreciate a tech lesson to help them start one of their own. All your ideas sound great - anything that can make a life a little bit easier or richer is always appreciated!

    1. Aw thanks Sheri! You are so sweet! I never even thought of a blog lesson :)


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