Tuesday 8 January 2013

living, laughing, and learning along the way

December disappeared in a blur of activity and sickness; it was quite the full month! With January now in full swing, and routine returning to our everyday life around home, I've got some catching up and blazing forward to do!

Back at the beginning of December, I woke in the night to find I didn't feel all that well. Reaching for my water bottle I found it missing, and remembered leaving it on the couch, empty. Sleepily I made my way down the hall to the bonus room, grabbed my water bottle...then woke up on the hard wood at the bottom of the stairs. I felt the cool of the hard floor first, and as I opened my eyes I wondered why I had chosen to sleep on the floor that night.I pushed up to all fours slowly, feeling the contents of my stomach surge before I had a moment to truly move. My Handsome Husband came rushing down the stairs just as I seized a pause in my puking to crawl to the nearby washroom. 
Eventually my stomach calmed, I filled my water bottle, and started back up the stairs. It wasn't until I was lying in bed talking with my husband that I connected all the dots - I had fallen down a full 16 stairs while pregnant! As that reality sunk in I cried and expressed my worries to my patient husband who checked me over and determined that I had a cut brow bone  bruised the right side of my head, and hurt the right side of my right knee. As it turns out, even unconscious I was able to protect my stomach and the sweet baby girl growing in it, which was a huge relief to me. All the same, I wasn't able to relax and go to sleep for a few hours, waiting anxiously for the precious little kicks that would tell me all was well.
The next day my doctor checked me over, determined I had a beautiful black eye, concussion, memory loss, and pulled the tendons in my right knee. She assured me that babies are very well protected in the womb, and that at this stage in pregnancy [I was 19 weeks pregnant at the time] there was enough amniotic fluid surrounding the baby to keep her from feeling the shocks of the fall that my body endured. On doctors orders, I was not to exercise until all residual side effects of the fall had dissipated, [which has finally happened!] and was to sleep as much as my body demanded. My patient Husband spent the first week of his Christmas vacation time tending to a very lethargic pregnant wife - and never once complained. Yes, he is en-route to Saint-hood! 

Now that I am cleared for exercise, I am proceeding slowly to keep my pregnant self comfortable and contraction free. Winter is in full swing, with icy sidewalks and all, so my outdoor jogging/walking routine is not an option. So, I will be sticking to aerobics, cross fit  weight training, HITT, kettle bell routines. I am excited to get back into the swing of working up a sweat everyday, and carrying this baby to term in a healthy, athletic, and energetic body! 

2012 ended with a slowed pace, sick babe, and early bedtime [yes, I went to bed at 8pm...after having fallen asleep on the couch...] and 2013 began with health, happiness, and family time. I am looking forward to a year of growth, personally and as a family, and all the challenges that will come as we stretch our limits, laugh, learn, and live our best lives! Here's to a wonderful year to come!

here's a little photo montage of December around our home - it really was wonderful to just be together!

almost as good as the black eye my sister gave me growing up ;)

my little chocolate dipping helper

sugar cookies - can you tell which ones Darius decorated?

Grandma Juli came to play and make English toffee with the wee men!

Eli playing in his new tent, with his new blankie and pillow all from Christmas!

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