Thursday 17 January 2013

Birth Story

A while back, I entered a contest to have Lizzy Anne Photography capture the birth of my babe as the story unfolds. She made an allowance that others could enter the contest on your behalf as well, and I had an overwhelming number of friends and family enter on my behalf - thank you so very very much! While I did not win the grand prize package, I did receive two consolation packages via friends, and am excited to have beautiful pictures of my baby girls arrival. Click on over here to see birth stories that Lizzy Anne Photography has documented so far, and you'll see why I'm so excited! I highly recommend capturing all the moments of life, from little to life changing. You may think that you'll never forget the details, how your husband held your hand for hours, how you walked the still hallways in the middle of the night, or how your baby looked up at you for the first time. But memory fads, while pictures will remind and revitalise those sweet memories for a lifetime. It's worth the investment. Trust me.

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