Saturday 12 January 2013

Oh the Places we go...

...are not always exciting, but definitely necessary.  Take for example the grocery store - I seriously love the grocery store; the organization, abundance, clean lines, and fresh foods.I do prefer to do the shops myself, but seeing as I get very tired some days [like the past few days where Eli resists bed, gets up just after 5am, then refuses nap...yeah, those days make me tired...] and thus my Hunky Husband heads out the door when he gets home to do the shop for me. I've been asked a few times what we buy when we're grocery shopping, so I thought I'd do a recap of this weeks shop - preformed on Monday's usually as Husband generally has that day off work and it's a quiet one at the store. 

This weeks list:

14oz bag of coleslaw mix
Small bag sugar snap peas
Red bell peppers
Granny Smith apples (2)
2 limes
Green bell peppers
Tilapia 4-6 fillets
Plain non dairy yogurt

Plain almond milk
Red onion
Good priced fruits and veggies

I make all of our bread, and we had apples, oranges, tofu, veggie burgers, and chicken at home, otherwise those would have made the list.

With these ingredients, I can make these suppers:

I hope this gives you a little dinner time inspiration! I know that for me, having a plan is more than half the battle.  Planning all the potential dinners for the week, then simply picking one from the list each day, REALLY works wonders to keep me organized and our bellies fed ha! 

What is your family eating this week? What have been the biggest dinner time successes recently? 


  1. Those recipes sound delicious Katie! I love Our Best Bites!

    1. Our Best Bites is so good! I use a lot of their recipes, whether straight up or as a jumping off point for inspiration! I know you were looking for gluten free recipes a bit ago, and a lot of their recipes, as well as Oh She Glows, and Healthy Tipping Point, can be converted to gluten free if they aren't already.


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