Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Great Water Debate

My awesome husband and I have been debating an issue as of late - to drink or not to drink during exercise. I have science on my side, saying that for every fifteen minutes of cardio activity, you should be consuming a quarter cup of water. However, when it comes to distance running, you can't carry enough water to be drinking that often  - unless you're wearing a camelbak, carrying a water bottle, and have a water belt slung around your waist. Not so comfortable. I know quite a few people - my husband and younger sister included - who drink no water, whether they're running for twenty minutes or two hours. So what gives? I feel intense thirst while running, but they don't. Have I conditioned my body to want water while running? And if so, should I condition it to run without it? Not having to carry a water bottle is a tempting proposition.

Weigh in on the debate: to drink, or not to drink? - that is the question.

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