Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Work out-in"

Seriously, calling things by Darius' names makes them seem so much more appealing. Would you rather schedule a 'workout' or go get your 'work-out-in' on? There is no comparison -  Darius wins hands down, everytime. As I finished up my long run today, Darius came zooming around the corner in board shorts and a t-shirt shouting "Let's get to work-out-in Mom!" I was tired, but hearing those words I hopped off the treadmill, we did some booty-shaking dance moves, interesting push ups (Darius puts his own spin on EVERYTHING), and then he had fun throwing a medicine ball at me. Have I mentioned how much more challenging yoga is with a little 30lbs mucsle hanging/climbing/ramming into me? Take my word for it, it is. Having Darius around while doing yoga turns a meditative practive into an extreme sport...but I wouldn't have it any other way funny enough.

Today's run was not as long as I scheduled, (12 miles was on the books...) but when I looked outside and saw the intense wind I gave myself permission to only do 6 miles on the treadmill instead. Often it seems that longer than 6 miles feels like a punishment when on a treadmill, and I DO NOT want to turn running into a chore. I need to safeguard this one - my runs are my sanity saving, energy restoring, me time. So, 6.31 miles it is - and I am happy with it. The half marathon is in two weeks, and while I haven't adhered to my training plan strictly, I will still be able to complete the distance. I don't plan on setting a PR, I simply am looking forward to lacing up my shoes, turning on my ipod, and enjoying the scenery pass me by. Seriously, is there anything more medatative than running? Yoga is great ( made even better with Darius) but I don't get the same restorative mental exercise that I do with running.

What do you do to save your sanity?

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