Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mental Clutter

I am currently reading the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I love it! In an effort to eek more happiness out of life, Gretchen doesn't run from her two children and husband (a life I can relate to) but looks to the everyday happenings for inspiration and moments to be improved upon. I am halfway through this book, and already I've been re-evaluating my life, and making changes for the better. Currently I am organizing my surroundings to eliminate clutter, and create a more beautiful aesthetic. First I had to identify my 'dump zones', the spots that seem to attract junk piles, and organize them. Then, I had to identify the problem, or "why does junk seem to love the top of the filing cabinet/computer desk/shelves?" Going through these methodical steps has created a much more organized space, and while it is not done, I feel calm and as if I have more room mentally.

 Who would have thought that a mental boost was just an empty bookshelf away?

Which one would you rather have in your family room?

I highly recommend getting a hold of a copy of this book and reading it for yourself. Sometimes, reading another persons inspiration can be the source of inspiration you didn't know you were looking for.

I've been working up a sweat all morning as I've worked away at organizing, cleaning, and ticking items off my 'to do' list in general. I am looking forward to stretching out on my yoga mat this evening and breathing deep in my newly organized family room.

Do you have an inspirational book on your mind? What gems have you gleamed from its pages?

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