Wednesday, 4 May 2011


On Saturday night, my little family and I attended an auction to benefit the youth in our church. This was such a great fundraising idea as not only did everyone that attended have fun, but the items donated were fantastic, so everything was snatched up! Almost $8000 was raised - not too shabby! We walked away with three one- hour quarterback lessons from the local high school quarterback. My amazing hubby played football in high school, but I thought that this would be a great family activity. Why not bid on something active and fun?! The other item that I really wanted was three one-hour basketball lessons from a former college player, who also coached my older brother's provincial champion high school team. With my bidding selections I was up against a bunch of teenage boys!

There were two items in the non-active category that I was coveting, but didn't have the funds to win the bid on - and yet I still walked away with both of them! You'll see soon what these items were...seriously fantastic!

On to the training: I had my run and yoga this morning, as per my training schedule, and it went well. My chest was tight and on the verge of sending a cramp to my side, but I prevailed and finished up the run before stretching out with some much needed yoga. Here's the recap:


Incline: 1%
Warm up: 5 minutes
Cool down: 5 minutes
Total time: 35:15 minutes
Total distance: 3.31 miles
Speed range: 5.7-6.8 mph

Yoga was a simple flow from plank - down dog - down dog split - down dog knee to forehead- low lunge - high lunge - high lunge with twist - rotated triangle and back to plank before starting on the other side. It's all about balance! I went through this series a couple of times before stretching out my hips and back and getting to Eli who was calling for me. All in all it felt good!

Have you attended an auction before? What items caught your eye? Would you have gone for the quarterback lessons?

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