Sunday 22 May 2011

Sneak Peek

Today I was going to write all about some fabulous tips I picked up from Dr.Oz, but then something wonderful happened - I received the CD of images from my family photo shoot! I was so excited to have this CD in my hands that I almost left church two hours early so I could rush home and ogle at my sweet little word of a lie. There is one caveat though; my amazing husband is out of town with Darius helping his brother (you see, he really is amazing for SOOO MANY REASONS) so he hasn't seen any of the pics yet. So I can only show a couple...or maybe a few...without further ado, here's my little family!

The father of our little clones. With how much he influenced our boys appearance, I am more than grateful that my husband is hot!

There are SO MANY MORE amazing photos in the line up, but I can't show all of them without feeling guilty that my incredible hubby hasn't seen them. If you're craving fantastic photos to display on your wall of your own family, contact Paul McGrath of PMG IMAGE and you won't be disappointed. Paul was our wedding photographer, and years later those images still bring every detail back to me. He's more than a photographer - he captures the memories so perfectly and brings life into every shot. Darius was having troubles the day of our family photos, but Paul got him smiling, laughing, and playing as if he hadn't been woken abruptly from his nap happily. I seriously can't recommend Paul enough!

Do you love to look at your wedding and family photos? What is your favorite image from your big day?


  1. awesome pictures!

  2. Darling pictures Katie & Carl!! Can't wait to give those two little boys BIG hugs.


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