Sunday, 15 May 2011


This post has nothing to do with exercise, and everything to do with my love for my family and all that they do. If you're looking for tips on running, circuit training, or fitness in general, look at my past posts and you'll have lots of reading to entertain and educate you. If you want to hear about my awesome sauce family, read on!

Today has been incredibly full. Full of love, laughter, fun and frivolity. This morning at church, my amazing husband gave our little sweet cheeks Eli his baby blessing (for more on baby blessing, and what I believe in general, click here.) The blessing circle was full of wonderful men in our families, my cousin and uncles, and sweet grandpa, and my husbands brothers and father. As I reflect on the outpouring of love and support that we received from our family today, I have tears springing to my eyes. I would not be the Mama I am today without my family. They are the backbone upon which I have leaned through thick and thin; they are the people who love me no matter what; they are the best teachers I have ever known. To have so much family around us today has been uplifting - I love you all. Thank you for being there with us today.

The wonderful men in the blessing circle

Daddy comforting sweet cheeks

Eli and the blanket he was wrapped in during his baby blessing

 Eli and the blanket I was wrapped in when my Dad gave me my baby blessing

Thank you for coming to our family Eli - we love you so very, very much!


  1. aww, this made me get all teary eyed! glad to hear you had a great day.

  2. What beautiful pictures Katie, such a very special day and so happy to hear that all went well for your special little family. We love you soooo much and look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Katie,
    You are an amazing mom and person! I like reading your blog because it helps me feel like I've just talked to you... something I don't do nearly enough. Eli looks adorable. Congratulations on his special day.
    Sure love you! Holly


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