Saturday, 26 November 2011

Brotherly Love [sneak peek]

Our decorations are up, the stockings are hung [on the railing, but really, I'm having troubles with the idea of drilling hooks into the mantel], and the advent calendar is telling me we only have 29 days until Christmas! 29 days! Yikes I have a lot to do!!! This week, once the tree was up and decorated, Darius started asking for presents to put under the tree. Naturally, I had nothing ready for him ha! So, my little man got to work, figured out what he wanted to make for his brother, and is the first one to have a present ready to give. How sweet is that! Here is a little sneak peek of what Darius chose to make his his baby brother:

Darius chose the elephant design, the fabric, the color of the onesie - everything! Seeing my boys together makes the sleepless nights, vomit drenched dress shirts, and poo stained furniture all worth it!

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