Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Do you feel it? The shifting of gears when something really big is coming your way? Man, I feel that way right now! I am surrounded by positive, successful people! I love to wake up in the morning, knowing that each day is full of possibilities, and the opportunity to create my dreams.

I just finished a business call with my team, and my favourite quote from tonight's motivation session is:

"ANYTHING is possible if your motivation is strong enough!"

This statement sums up how I feel. The world is my oyster - or barley pearl as some might say ha! - and I am achieving my goals, and dreams!

   The power of the mind is amazing! If you're in a downward spiral, look to someone or something that is going up, up, UP and decide that is the direction you are going from this moment on! Financial, health, whatever area in your life needs improvement, it is completely possible - all you have to do is decide to change, and do it!

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