Sunday, 6 November 2011


When I was in grade seven, I was the 'new kid' in school, and looking for a way to make friends. Enter volleyball season. As soon as the posting for try outs went up, I ran home and told my Dad. It was literally music to his ears to hear one of his children wanted to follow in his footsteps ha! My Dad is was a serious athlete in his day, playing baseball, basketball, swimming, and even playing volleyball in university. While many of his children played basketball from a young age, I was the first to express interest in volleyball, and boy did I get attention for it ha! Everyday after school we were out in the Quonset volleying, setting, and running drills. By the end of my first season I was MVP, and I never looked back!
I played all through high school loving every minute of it, but haven't had the chance to play much since then.
With our new home has come a lot of new to us experiences, one of them being our church congregation. Our new church congregation is involved in a semi-annual volleyball tournament, and so this past week I had a practice, and a tournament that brought back such amazing memories. Not only is it great to switch up your exercise routine to avoid boredom, but to reawaken neglected muscle groups. I came home from both nights on a high, loving the bruises I knew would be surfacing by morning, and the soreness I knew would be minor muscle aches soon. I'm already dreaming of the next tournament, and a way to make volleyball a part of my regular life again.

Sand is one of the hardest surfaces to jump on, and yet look at this! Pure power, drive and determination at the 2004 Olympic Games!

What did you love when you were younger that you haven't enjoyed in a while? Is there a creative outlet that could bring you as much joy now as it did then? Sometimes you need to look back to find joy moving forward.

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