Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Monday

How was your weekend? There is just something magical about Monday's - a proverbial blank slate if you will. Sometimes a weekend is wonderful, productive, and full of happy family time. And sometimes...sometimes its not ha! Either way, I love Monday and the fresh perspective it brings. Here are my "SUPER-DUPER-BIG-IDEAS" for the week [thanks goes to Darius for a wonderful new household saying!]:

Go running 3x

do yoga 1x

play volleyball 1x

secure a full house for my Private Business Reception [if you want an invite, email me at!]

sew Christmas Eve Pajama Shorts

send in all warranty paperwork [yep, we've been living here a month and still haven't done this opps!]

go to choir and sing my heart out! Ha!

What are your great intentions for the week? My thought is, if I don't complete all of these its okay - it's striving to complete them all that will slowly tick them off my list!

*none of the photos are my own, but seriously doesn't that volleyball pic make you many to play??? If so, send me an email [] and I'll tell you when and where you can do so! And my family is that loving and cuddling for the most part but we've yet to get a pic of us in matching pajamas.

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