Friday, 4 November 2011

Positively Awesome

The parable of the seed rings true in so many facets of life. From thought springs intention, word, and action just as from a seed springs roots, shoots, and eventually a tree. I have been employing this principle in my life, but also in the way I parent my sweet little men. Last night, as my amazing husband walked in the door, he was greeted with calm, happy music, two boys in the midst of melt downs, and me smiling. Needless to say he was confused ha! But here is what I've found: if I join the boys in their brain busting screams, the level of stress in our home only rises[shocking I know]. However, if I stay calm, they eventually drop down to my level. To have a happy, even keeled home, it all starts with the Mama.
I have so many items on my daily 'to do' list, from cooking, cleaning, and laundry, to running, weight lifting, building my business, and blogging - and that's not even including my role as Mama to two sweet boys! As I write down everything I need to do that day, it can be overwhelming. The sort of overwhelming where you don't even want to start ticking things off ha! I've decided though that my list is now my challenge - Can I get it all done, while still putting my boys first? Now I burst out of the 'starting gate' [bed] with a smile on my face. The time in each day is numbered and limited, however what I choose to spend my time doing is up to me! Do I want to be accomplishing tasks, or do I want to end the day wondering what I spent my time doing? Life is what you make of it - and my life is positively awesome!

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