Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Do you remember my post about a quick health fix? If you don't you can read it here. Health and wellness are major areas of study for me - as well as millions around the world. I want to share with you a vitamin, mineral, antioxidant formula that I found with AMAZING health benefits. And these benefits are not just found in testimonials - they're found in the lab. With two double blind studies documenting the effectiveness of the Vemma formula, and clinical trials showing actual lab results [blood test results] where the bio markers IMPROVE ENORMOUSLY with the use of this formula, I couldn't turn away from it. Here's why:
 Over $40 Billion is spent every year in America on pain medications. Pain and inflammation are HUGE problems, and bring in big dollars for the pharmaceutical industry. What if I told you that mangosteen and minerals [the Vemma formula] are a powerful anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever [while being completely and totally NATURAL] that will reduce pain and inflammation in two weeks by a measurable amount.
  High cholesterol is an issue that is so prevalent across North America that even Cheerios boasts its cholesterol lowering benefits. What if I told you that Vemma lowers cholesterol by 30 -40 points on AVERAGE in that same 2 -3 weeks time frame. That is HUGE!
In a clinical trial preformed at the        by     Vemma increased immunity. The ramifications of increased immunity are countless - less sick days at school or work meaning more productivity and income; less missed training sessions on your way to your next event, whether that is a marathon, triathlon, fitness competition or other; decreased susceptibility to virus and bacterial infections that take over society [remember the avian flu? mad cow disease? hand and foot disease? The list could go on!]
Above I mentioned just a few of the positive health benefits, all of them stemming from a simple solution. If there are vitamin or mineral deficiency in your body, Vemma will correct them with its full spectrum of vitamins, and 65 minerals [all plant sourced,organic and bio-available]. If your body is riddled with free radicals [which, lets face it, even the healthiest diet and lifestyle does not combat all the free radicals we ingest from our environment and foods and create from our activities] the wide spectrum of antioxidants, including 43 xanthones [found in the mangosteen fruit] mop them up and flush them from your body. Xanthones are described as "free radical scavengers" by and have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-prolific properties [read: anti-cancer, as the spreading of cancer is called 'prolification'.]
Many different products have been brought to my attention by those consuming them, or contemplating doing so. I have looked at cleansing systems, weight loss systems, meal replacement systems, juices and pills. None had all I was looking for in a supplement. Then Vemma was brought to my attention by a Nutritionist, and after researching the product, I can honestly say this is something that anyone and everyone can benefit from.
IF you want to invest in your health, send me an email, or leave a comment, and lets chat! You will never regret prioritizing your health.

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