Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mercedes Macarons

First, thank you to all who have expressed such heartfelt love, concern, and support for my family and I. We all truly appreciate all of you, and are gratful to have you in our lives. If you are wanting to know the funeral arrangements, please contact me at and I will be happy to share them with you.

As I was getting ready to write earlier this week, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face on my blogger dashboard. My curiousity peeked, I opened up the link for the House of Smiths and saw a beautiful sight - the smiling face of a great friend. Mercedes White [and her sister Rachel too!] and I spent many hours together in our premarried lives. We worked in the cosmetics industry together, often using one another as guinea pigs, and conincidently, my Amazing Husband and I officially became 'official' at the White house. Not that you needed the history, but its fun right? ha! Anyways, Mercedes is now living in Utah, and is the owner and creator of a successful specialty shop. What does she sell you ask? None other than French Macarons! These little delights took Mercedes a year to perfect [not an easy baking task to take on; infact, having perfected the art in only a year is impressive!] and are now for sale at markets around Utah, and this weekend at the Bijou Market in Provo, UT. Mercedes also has a website [it's here if you want to check it out!] where she sells her mixes [ hello Christmas presents!] and provides baking tips to all.  Mercedes also teaches classes, and if you're able to attend one do so!

If you were going to perfect the art of a specialty dish, what would it be? Would you focus on desserts or main dishes? I love the idea of perfecting French Macarons - so dainty, and beautiful to display!

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  1. katie! thanks so much for this lovely post. i have been crazy busy at work (my not-macaron job) but let's put our heads together this weekend and figure out a time for me to do a class for you and your friends in calgary!

    much love!


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