Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Functional Fitness

There has been a big push in recent years for exercises that mimic natural motions and movements (bring on the squats!) The benefits are huge, picking up terrifically chubby toddlers will no longer throw out your back and the muscle growth is substantial. Today, I have been reminded of another 'exercise' in the functional fitness category. Painting. Yes, painting is working my shoulders like no other! While painting isn't technically a functional fitness workout, I think it should get an honorary mention. I have been painting walls for over four hours already today (the end is in sight, but I probably have another three hours to go) and while I'm not sweating buckets a la running, my arms have the "you're going to be sorry tomorrow!" feel. Why all the painting you ask? Well, my Mom is selling her house, and in preparation to it being put on the market there are some little tasks that are needing to be finished. Right now I am working on the great room (kitchen, dining room, and family room) getting the walls all painted, then the counters in the kitchen can be organized and beautified. The end result will be wonderful, but man, painting walls with a baby strapped to your chest is torturous not  a walk in the park!

Today's workout (before my painting workout that is) was Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level II. I love the power of yoga - mentally and physically. My ankle is a little sore, so I'm not running today to give it a rest and avoid injury. Listen to your bodies folks - you can avoid many mandatory rest days if you take a rest before a irritated joint becomes an inflamed disaster!

What's your favorite functional fitness workout? Do you feel the burn while painting? Or am I the only one?


  1. Katie- you're so full of good advice and motivation!
    and i don't think i've ever felt the burn from painting but then again, i don't think i've ever painted for too long :)

  2. Katie, I guess it is okay for Grandpa to miss an hour's walk when he works in the garden for two hours? That is a pretty good workout digging the garden to get it ready for seeding. We have hired someone to come aerate and power rake the lawn. That was a bit too daunting. I bet that little Eli is a pretty good set of weights for you to pack around. Good for you for helping your Mom with the painting. We hope to see you before too long. I wish we could be there for Eli's blessing but it may not be possible. We will have to give him great hugs when we come there maybe early in June after Frank's missionary farewell. Love to All


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