Friday, 8 April 2011

Where's YOUR Head At???

I learnt an important lesson after having my first babe, Darius. Up until that point I had been more than a little obsessed with weight, with a high number on the scale being enough to ruin my day. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and fitness, and so when the number on the scale would creep higher or - heaven forbid! - STAY higher, I was distraught. Time and experience have opened my eyes to the fact that I was reading the right information, but I wasn't utilizing it. My training was not at the intensity to yield results, and my diet was chock full of processed foods - not exactly a winning combination.

Then I had Darius. My focus shifted from the scale, to making sure I was eating the right things for HIM. Since I was breastfeeding I was in control of the quality of my son's food in a VERY direct way. I ate frequently (nursing leaves me feeling famished and dehydrated), drank lots of fresh water, ran ever other day and took Darius for a walk everyday. And guess what? I lost weight (shocking I know.) 
After having Eli I expected the weight to fall off once more and was weighing myself daily to check my progress. To my horror the numbers stalled four pounds off of my pre-pregnancy weight - and so I became frustrated and obsessed. My runs didn't seem to be budging the number, and so I finally had a little retrospective check-in with myself. What was I doing to inadvertently sabotage myself? While sleep is an important element of any healthy lifestyle, I knew my issues went beyond sleep deprivation. Then it dawned on me: I was focusing on the wrong thing! I had let my head get caught up in the pursuit of a number on the scale, instead of focusing on nutrition and how my body FEELS.

So, I refocused myself, eating what my body NEEDS when it was needed, and drinking LOTS and LOTS of fresh water. Magically my headache I had been battling vanished, and my weight began to drop again as a result. If you have hit a plateau ask yourself, "where's YOUR head at?"

Today's Run:


Incline: 2%
Warm Up: 2 minutes (4.2mph)
Cool Down: 5 minutes (4.5-3.0mph)
Total Time: 24:55minutes
Total distance: 2.3 miles
Last mile in: 8:50minutes
Speed Range: 5.7-7.5mph

I feel great! I did a little yoga sequence after the run to loosen up my muscles. Today's run is all about being limber and ready for tomorrow's LSD. 6 miles is in the plans for tomorrow - are you ready?

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