Thursday, 7 April 2011

Time Flies!

Wow, I can't believe a few days have passed by and I didn't have a moment to write! Since Monday we've been neighborhood hunting, negotiating with the buyer, and dreaming big - on top of everything else life has to offer with two little boys! All that translates to little time to myself, and so blogging fell to the wayside. I did make time for my workouts (I prioritize my workouts above just about everything else! It seems when I get my run in, I magically have a ton of time on my hands to accomplish everything else. This equation doesn't work in reverse though...I swear, running is a magical time extender.) so here's a recap of this weeks sweat sessions to date:

Monday: see post
Tuesday: 2.2 miles in 21:38 (2 miles in 18:38)
Wednesday: 3.31 miles in 35:36 (last mile in 8:55) plus 15 minutes yoga

The runs I've scheduled for during the week are a relatively short time commitment, so getting them done should be easy-peasy right? Well, Tuesday's run didn't happen until 5pm while I had dinner in the oven. I had been in my running gear since getting out of bed, but was just dragging (hmmm, having two boys up during the night, one with a wet bed and one wanting to eat, could be why I was exhausted...) and so I had a nap with the boys in the afternoon which gave me the pep in my step I needed to get going. It took two hours after nap time before I was running though as timing is everything when it comes to running with children, and I had to wait for Eli to sleep, and Darius to be playing with Daddy. In the end the run happened! I felt great after it, and I was back on track mentally too.

I'm now waiting to hear back from the realtor as to whether the condition has been lifted on the offer on our house. The waiting game is not something I'm good at, and so I need to either go do some yoga or watch something that will make me laugh out loud. Seriously, if you're ever feeling tense, and you're trying to respect your rest day (today is one of those for me!) yoga and comedy are great stress relieving options.

Do you do yoga or watch a comedy when stressed? Or do you have another favorite stress reliever?

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  1. yoga is the best anti-depressant i've ever tried. no joke. my other stress relievers are:

    -hot bath/sitting in the steam room
    -putting my pj's wrapping myself up in my duvet and watching masterpiece theater on netflix
    -having a dance party (or going to zumba)


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