Friday, 22 April 2011

Return to the Run

That's right! I ran today! I hacked and coughed through all of two miles (that's what my training called for, so I kept it short and sweet) and feel oh soooo good! I'm not completely over this virus, but I'm definitely winning the fight.

Here's the breakdown of today's back on track 2.0:


Incline: 2%
Warm up: 5 minutes
Cool down: 1 minute (Eli was crying)
Total time: 21:38 minutes
Total distance: 2.07 miles

Yesterday the boys and I headed out to a local enormous mall for an 'adventure.' Darius is all about adventures, and so every time we leave the house that's what we say we're embarking on. If given the choice, Darius requests an adventure at the 'animal store.' No, not the pet store, but the animal store. Any guesses as to what my sweet boy is referring too? None other than Bass Pro Shop. So, that's where we headed for the entirety of yesterday afternoon.


         First stop is always the shooting gallery.

Then Darius started tracking. Have you seen the animal tracks stamped into the floors at Bass Pro? There's all sorts of tracks, and I'm not even going to venture a guess at what animals would make said tracks, but there you go. Darius loves to follow the trail of tracks all over the store, and yes he often does a bear walk to do so. He go under tables, through displays, and every which way the trail leads until my amazing hubby or I call the game off. Recently my little man-o has started to 'shoot' deer as we drive anywhere as well. The conversation often goes like this:
   Darius: "Mom, what's that over there?"
    Me: "I don't know buddy, what do you think it is?"
   Darius: "It's a deer. I'm going to shoot it."
Then he closes one eye, cocks his 'gun' (his sweet little hand) and 'shoots' the deer while saying "buwwogh!"   I think I have a budding hunter on my hands.

Family has now arrived for the Easter weekend, which we're all excited about. Do you have plans for Easter? A family tradition or two to look forward to? Happy Easter to all those that celebrate!

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  1. Cute! Darius is growing up so fast! Sounds like a fun adventure!


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