Thursday, 7 April 2011


Darius and I went for a walk after dinner while Awesome Hubby cuddled the little guy. Darius and I cherish these times when it's just the two of us since, lets face it, he has been completely de-throned by Eli's arrival on the scene. As we walked we talked about everything and anything("Momma, what's that sound? Do you see any cars coming? Wow, the suns bright!" Seriously, he doesn't stop talking!)and just enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to snap a picture off the deck when we got back - it's a beautiful sunset tonight. Clear skies and a bright sun give me hope for tomorrow. Hope that my home will sell (yup, its back on the market), hope that the boys will have more smiles than tears, and that laughter (not yelling) will fill our home. As we walked I took deep breaths and simply enjoyed the moment with my sweet boy.

Another 'Omm' moment happened earlier as I was getting ready to make dinner. My mom is well aware of my obsessions with a certain sinful indulgence, and scouted out a bowl full of these delectable confections. My heart was instantly lighter, knowing that a) my favorite treat was available again; and b) that my Mom cared enough to find them! Seriously, these are sooo good and yet they're not made by Bernard Callabaut (yes, I'm a chocolate snob) but Hershey's. What flavor has my number you ask? None other than Hershey's Coconut Creme deliciousness! They're only available in the States around Easter time (dang you limited edition Easter confections!) and so naturally this Canadian has a hard time finding them. My Mom has officially become my dealer; yet another reason to love her!

Hershey's Coconut Creme Kisses Limited Edition 10 Oz Bag

I have found these wonders on Amazon if you're wanting to dig into a bag yourself. Keep them in your freezer folks, cause if they're in plain view this bag won't last for long!

Now I'm off to have a snack (a little cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, and strawberry action!) before climbing into bed for the night. Do you have a favorite bedtime snack? Do you have to have protein to sleep well? Or do favor an empty stomach?

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