Monday, 11 April 2011

Oh Baby, Baby!

Eli and Darius quite conveniently cooperated for photos to mark Mr.Eli's two month birthday! Yes, we celebrate even the tiniest of milestones in our family don't judge me! Darius was my assistant, but quickly morphed into the "look at me!" monkey that he is. So, I ended up with photos of Eli, Darius, and the two little dudes together. But hey, isn't two better than one? All of these images are raw, but hey little boys don't need editing do they? You be the judge:

I was trying to capture some of Eli's smiles, but it turns out he likes to smile at me, not the camera - go figure. Happy Two Month Birthday Baby Cakes Mr.Eli Sweet Cheeks  Eli!


  1. Cute! i totally see more McCue in Eli... am i right about that?

  2. Such cute boys you make Katie!! Love these photos:)

  3. Super cute! I can't wait to see him and cuddle him! Hopefully soon while he's still a small baby!


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