Thursday, 14 April 2011

Better to Give

Saturday, April 30th at 6pm there is going to be a fundraiser for the youth group in my ward. These kids are seriously fantastic (I know, I used to work with them!) and trying to raise money for their various camps this summer as the price tags are steep. There is going to be a silent auction, live auction, and bake sale (just wait until you see what I'm going to make for the bake sale!!! I'm salivating just thinking about it...) For the auction portion of the evening donations have been asked for, and here is what I have made to donate:

I call this the "Sacrament Survival Kit!" This kit includes (from left):
    A crayon coloring case that folds up into a neat little 4.5"x6" bundle which makes it a small (and light!) addition to any diaper bag. I saw these on sale for $28 and couldn't stomach the price, so I looked at it for a bit, then made my own! Darius loves it so much that I just know other Mama's with get good use out of it too!
   An 'i spy" fishy, full of fun little trinkets for your little one to find!
   And no survival kit is complete without a snack! Darius loves these mini bites, so in they go too!

What do you think? Is this kit something you could use in your diaper bag?   

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