Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blog It

What do you do when you're sidelined? Among other things, I look at a lot of blogs. Seriously, I can categorize them even. I thought I would share some of my favorites, from healthy blogs, to food blogs, to my ultimate favorite craft blog. My bet is you'll find a little somethin' somethin' to add to your favorites too!

Healthy Living

Healthy Tipping Point is written by Cailtlin, who lives in Charlotte, NC. She blogs for a living, so if you're in need of constant fodder, check her out. My bet is, you'll keep going back for inspiration, recipes, and motivation to get off the computer and out for a run!

Ben Does Life is written by Ben, also blogging for a living. He started his weight loss journey December 2008, and has since lost over 120 lbs. He has a video (watch it below) of his journey that will get tears flowing. Ben is currently training for another triathlon. 

No Meat Athlete is obviously a vegetarian. By becoming a vegetarian, this guy achieved his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (maybe there is something to the plant based diet after all?) and blogs about all things vegetarian and running. Even for those that love their meat, his blog has a lot of good ideas and advice.


Our Best Bites is written by two Mormon Moms who love to cook. Sara and Kate have some good ideas, not always super healthy, but definitely fun. They throw the odd craft in there too to keep things fresh!

Jamie Cooks it Up! is written by a Jamie (duh) a Mom and cook. Again, not all recipes are healthy, but there are some great ones in there too.


Make It Love It is run by Ashley, a Mom and crafter extraordinaire.  Seriously I start to drool as I look through her tutorials. Try out one of her crafts, then leave me a comment with a link to it so we can all see!


Cher Stuff is written by the beautifully talented Cheri Litchfield. Cheri is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and just an all around amazing woman. She blogs recipes, crafts, and all things lovely. Check her, you'll get hooked on her candid humor, and eloquent writing. And if you try her recipes you'll be drooling for more!

Eden Lang is a photographer who maintains a blog for her family as well. Her photos are incredible (she is SOOOOO talented), and all she writes about her family is sweet and sensitive. A mother to three adorable children, there is no shortage of "awww" worthy photographs gracing her blog.

Everything She Seams is a blog maintained by the lovely and talented Collette Komm. Colette is a wedding dress creator (from conception to final fitting she is a one woman sewing machine) who has hand crafted dresses worth saving your entire life for. Based in New York City, New York, you are a lucky lucky girl if Colette made your dress. Check out her blog for details if you're in the hunt for a couture wedding gown.

Alright, that's the round up of my top blogs. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Katie for the shout-out. What a great blog you have! I am flattered to be one of your favorites.


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