Monday, 18 April 2011


I am still laying low, sick as a dog, and trying to recuperate. My sweet little boys are in the same boat, making the three of us are nap taking, movie watching, water guzzling (or milkies gulping) fiends right now.  So, in lieu of a run recap, here's a list of my fast fixes for the common cold:

1. Rest - but we all know a mother of two young kids, one only 9 weeks old, isn't getting any of this, so lets skip to what I actually am doing.

2. Water - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I drink more water than a fish - literally.

3. Vitamin D - are you a fan of this super vitamin yet? I take 2000IU normally, and up it to 5000IU when sick or if I feel like a virus is trying to take hold. Usually I am able to ward off sickness just with this little tweak to my routine! (pictured below are some good sources of vitamin d, but remember to take a supplement, especially if you're in the northern hemisphere.)

4. Fresh - food that is! Consuming lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and little to no processed foods. But limit the dairy if you have congestion as it only adds to it.

Try these out next time you're feeling ill, and wake up feeling better than the day before - until one morning you'll feel magically terrific!

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  1. have you tried out those emergen-c vitamin c packets? you mix the powder with water--it gets a little fizzy--and then you gulp it down. i've found them to be so-o helpful when i am feeling under the weather. kills two bird with one stone too....water + vitamins = happy body.


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