Monday, 25 April 2011


How was your Easter weekend? We've had family home, which is always a treat - Darius is all about the aunties and uncles! On Saturday I gave my long run the green light, and blasted through NINE MILES in two segments. My lungs were burning Eli needed some attention so being the kind mother I am, I hopped off the treadmill at 6 miles (in 64 minutes - not too shabby) and fed him. The last 3 miles had me walking at times due to a stitch in my side the size of Texas which was making breathing a labour intensive process. Through the pain I kept my mantra rolling ("I can handle this for now") and told myself I didn't care about the finishing time, I just needed to complete the 9 miles. And guess what? Even though my total time was encroaching on my fasted half marathon finishing time, it still felt great to finish up! Sometimes it's not about the numbers, but about completing the journey.

The Easter festivities covered most of the weekend, which was another great motivator while running ("Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs!") First we (Auntie Marin, cousin Ayden, Amazing Daddy, Darius, and Eli and I...okay Eli just ate and slept) colored and dyed Easter eggs which turned out to be a popular activity with Darius. He colored four of the dozen eggs I boiled, and would have done more! Check out these master pieces:

the full round up of colored eggs

And a special photo of Darius' creations

           cousin Ayden, Darius, and Auntie Marin hard at work creating perfection!

After church on Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt. Oh my goodness was Darius excited! Auntie Marin set up a hunt that had all of us running around inside and out! (why not bring fitness into the festivities?) First we had to find five Easter eggs, and bring them to her to get our clue for finding all the loot. Here's our clue (Darius, Amazing Hubby and I had our stuff hidden together):

"This is a place that is outside,
it has a couple of swings and a big yellow slide."

Any guesses? We found a mountain of goodies underneath the slide on the swing set out back. Darius was so excited when he spotted it he literally started shouting jibberish. I love holiday's with this guy! And the best part is, we had told him that we (and Grandma) had bought the treats, so we are rock stars in his eyes right now! So cute!

Darius is still looking for Easter eggs (I hid some more for him so I could squeeze in a workout this morning with Auntie Marin before she heads back home) which is so cute. I'm afraid I may never get to put away those plastic eggs! But, it did prove a good distraction so I could have a stellar workout this morning. My training schedule called for 3 miles and weights, however Marin and I decided to do a circuit. So one of us would run, while the other did a kettle bell reverse wood chop, or a reach through rotating side plank, or one armed bent over dumbbell row (don't know what these are? Time to get your oxygen magazine out! I can elaborate for those who are wondering how to incorporate these moves into their routine. Just ask for it in the comments section.) After 40 minutes of this circuit I was dripping wet, feeling great, and ready to get back to my boys with a refreshed mind and loads of energy. Oh so good!!!

Its so beautiful outside, we'll definitely be going for a walk later. How's the sky in your neck of the woods? Are you planning on an outdoor workout today? Or would you like to rock a circuit indoors a la Mama Marathon?!

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