Saturday, 16 April 2011


If you have stumbled across my little blog before, you might have caught last Sunday's post about my motivation. (If you missed it, check it out here.) One of my motivators is a vision board, mainly because it keeps me focused on what my goals are. For some a vision board is something they're heard about countless times, but for others you may still be wondering what exactly a vison board is, so here's the dealio!
A vision board is a collection of pictures and/or words that illicits a feeling, desire, or emotion, or serves as a visual reminder of personal written goals. For example, if your goal is to have a sub four hour marathon, you might have a picture like this one on your board:

 Having a visual reminder of such a goal goes above and beyond a piece of paper with 3:35 written on it; don't you agree?

Before you can compile your vision board you need to gather up some supplies. You'll need a board (I used a 11x14 sheet of cardstock, however a foam board found at most craft stores would work great,) magazines, scissors, and glue. If you already know your goals, hop right into paging through your magazines and tearing out pages that depict your goals. If you don't know what you want to achieve, picture yourself in one, five, and ten years. Now what do you need to do NOW to become the person want to be?

My goals include becoming a personal trainer, playing volleyball again, and living a more balanced life.

I have a picture of a happy couple right in the middle as a reminder that as I continue to evolve as an individual I become a better spouse.  

Creating a vision board is a useful exercise in introspection, and can be done as often as your goals change. While I have a created my vision board as a reminder of my fitness goals, this tool can be used for any goal you have in your life. For example, I had a board four or five years back with this picture on it:

                                                                                And now I have two 'blue socks'!

Once you have your vision board constructed, post it in a place you see daily, preferrably several times a day. Look at it often, be strengthened by the images that inspire you, and dig a little deeper until you achieve your goal. You decide if you will succeed. So, in the words of the oh-so-wise Nike advertising agents:

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