Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Standing Back

It's only just afternoon, and I already feel like it's been a full day! Wow, busy but good. I kicked the day off with a run, and while it didn't feel all that wonderful, it did feel good to finish. Here's the breakdown:


Incline: 2%
Warm up: 5 minutes
Cool down: 5 minutes
Total time: 25:32 minutes
Total distance: 2.32 miles
Speed range: 6.0-6.6 mph

my little daredevil proving that he flies

After my run I packed up the boys and we headed off to the doctor for well baby check ups. Both of my boys are growing so incredibly fast! Darius is 101cm and 15.6kg (otherwise known as perfectly proportionate) and Eli is 62 cm and 5.66kg (otherwise known as babylicous!) Our family doctor has been my doctor since I was 15 years old, and she is fantastic. The boys both seem to love her, so it makes doctors visits a breeze.

As a treat for being so good at the doctors I had promised Darius a picnic and play date at the park afterwards. I find he responds better to active 'treats' than to being promised candy - even though the kid would choose candy over supper most days. Try promising something healthy (like a play date, bubble bath, or going for a walk) instead of food related treats, and see what your kids think. It may prove to be a great time for both of you! So, we played, and played and played! Darius has a strange affinity for rocks, and made rock angels (instead of snow angels) while happily soaking up some much needed sun. We love the sun and haven't had enough of it this winter!

Lately I've been trying to step back and let Darius learn some lessons the hard way. This is not my natural inclination. I would wrap my children in bubble wrap if it was kosher...and not a suffocation hazard. But you know what I mean. I just love them SO MUCH that the thought of them getting hurt gives me physical pain. Today, I stood and watched as Darius was on the top platform (about four to five feet off the ground) and coached himself aloud as he launched himself at a squiggly pole (you know the ones bent in sideways loops so children can climb them?) Before jumping he said, "grab it with your hands and hold on tight!" Needless to say, his little chin came down hard on the squiggly pole, causing him to chomp down on his tongue and bleed a lot. He cried hard, and I hugged him and kissed his chin before making him drink water to swallow all the blood (a seriously gross amount.) And then he was fine. Just like that he got up, and started playing again, wiping away dirty streaks of tears. He avoided the pole from then on, but didn't scare away from the rope ladder or the climbing platforms. Maybe standing back is a good strategy after all?

How do you let your children learn? Do you stand back and guide when needed? Or are your hands as dirty as theirs when playing in the dirt?

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