Saturday, 30 April 2011

Identity Crisis

I don't know if I'm the only one that reads a post, then all the comments links underneath it. But I do. Even with my own little blog, when I log on to compose my thoughts into a cohesive post, I first have to read any new comments on previous posts. So, when I logged on while nursing yesterday to read any comments that may be waiting for me, I found a new comment waiting for me...seemingly from myself. I read it again and again, completely flabbergasted - then realization dawned and I felt like an idiot. You see, I have been married for almost six years, and I am still trying to get used to my married name. When I am asked what my name is in front of a group of people, I pause, I sweat, and then I hopefully say my married name. No joke. I was Katie McCue for a lot longer than I've been Katie Fisher, and that's just a fact. Another fact is that I am named after my Grandma, a woman that I love, and love spending time with. Even still, going to Grandma's house is an absolute treat, and something that I look forward to. So when my lovely Grandma left a comment, and her name (Katie McCue) appeared below it, I was so confused as to how I had managed to leave a comment on my own blog with no recollection of the event. I am going to claim sleep deprivation on this one.

Despite my confused state, I managed to complete four miles on the treadmill yesterday. I was aiming for ten, but my breathing is still not what it should be. With a tight chest it becomes painful to breath after a while when you're running. so I called it quits in hopes of a clear chest today. No such luck. I am one of those chronic bronchitis sufferers, and so I am lucky that this past bout is resolving itself so quickly...just not quick enough. Oh well. My sweet boys and I are heading to an auction and bake sale tonight which is going to be a blast, and so I am just focusing on this highlight instead of lingering on my running shoe-less feet. I've whipped up some popcorn cake for the bake sale and the Sacrament Survival Kit I compiled will be up for grabs. And some Cross Fit Training Sessions with my Hubby with be auctioned off and MANY, MANY more wonderful things! If you're looking for something to do tonight, come join in the fun!

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