Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Have you ever watched Glee? Its my go to right now while on the treadmill, and I am seriously loving Season One all over again! Not only are the songs pure motivation, but I find myself singing along at times, which lets me know where I'm at on the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale, and adjust my speed accordingly. Like I've said before, this scale goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being sitting on the couch, and 10 being the speed you would go running away from a rabid dog. Have you ever run from a dog before? I have; you go fast!
Anyways, back to Glee haha! I watched the episode this morning with the bake sale (found on disc three for those with the complete first season) to raise money for the handicap bus to take the club to sectionals. Sue Slyvester, while a monster by all rights, has many profound insights that are great reminders for the rest of us. Today's reminder: It doesn't matter who the person is, everyone wants to be treated the same.

While Sue was reminding me to be a better person, I had a decent run on the treadmill. Here's the breakdown:

Incline: 2%
Warm up: 5 minutes
Cool down: 4 minutes
Total time: 34:11 minutes
Total distance: 3.26 miles
Speed range: 5.7-6.8mph

I followed this up with a few yoga sequences, making sure to balance with both sides. Darius added in an extra element by crawling under, over, and around me the whole time and running at me to knock me over. It really is a challenge to do yoga with a three year old, but seriously its so fun! The ab work out from laughing more than makes up for the lack of flow.

Do you have a favorite show to watch while working out?

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  1. Love your blog, Katie. I haven't watched Glee yet, but I've been wanting to. I might have to start watching season one this summer.
    ps. When do you go to San Diego?


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