Monday, 27 June 2011


I've been reminded lately how simple things, like the ability to choose, can take us down such a variety of paths. On a much deeper level, choice is the deciding factor in where we end up in life. However, even very simple things, like whether we choose an apple or a handful of jellybeans, is a choice that we carry with us (just in a softer way, such as the spare tire sported by many.) A choice made repeatedly becomes a pattern, which morphs into a habit. We are a sum total of the habits we perpetuate, and so my hot hubby of mine and I are trying to live lives full of healthy and virtuous habits that we would be happy to see emulated in our sweet little boys.

We are currently on vacation, sun shining, wind blowing. and out exploring. Eli straps nicely to my chest, and Darius loves a good stroller to resting when tired, but walked and climbed A LOT today. We are a family full of healthy happy people - and whether that is because we are active, or we are active because we are happy and healthy (another chicken and egg circle) matters not. The simple - and important - thing is we keep the rhythm going.

What habits are you passing on? Are there habits you're ready to shake? Or ones you're ready to commit to?

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