Tuesday 28 June 2011

[twirling] tutus

Darius attended his first non-family birthday party on Saturday [with mom, dad, and Eli towing along for the fun of course!] It was so sweet to listen to him debate about what to give to his little friend Taya, and then to help him bring his idea to fruition. I showed him lots of pictures of items little girls love [Taya was celebrating her first birthday after all] and guess what he picked...

A Tutu!! He specified that it needed to be pink - the prevailing color of the items I showed him during his decision making process - and that we needed to make it now! Yes, we made it together, and yes, Darius is the loveliest little man helper indeed.  So lovely in fact, that when he and Eli slept in one morning, I took the chance to make another one while they were snoozing.

The little white one will fit a newborn, all the way up to six months [elastic waistbands really are a wonderful creation] and the fluffy pink one will go from one to four years old. If you'd like to make you're own, head on over to Ashley's site for instruction.  Since I am blessed with two beautiful boys, I needed a little model to sport one of these cutie pie little dress up/dream making/fairytale come true creations for me.

Look at that delicious little tummy! Love it!
 Tutus belong to the special "make believe" category of children's toys/accessories, that drive the imagination to create bigger, more grandiose games to play. I love toys like this! These are the items that should fill your child's/nieces/grandchild's toy box to keep them moving, and playing long enough to forget about TV, DS, and all the other mind numbing games kids entertain themselves with these days. SOOOO, to help kids everywhere get up and going how about Marathon Mama's FIRST ever giveaway!

Up for grabs: One tutu with matching no-slip hair clips [yeah, I make those too...I'm practicing for when I do have a girl I guess haha] for one lucky little lady!

Here are the rules:

You MUST be a follower of Marathon Mama to enter this contest. If you already follow [yeah for you!] just leave a comment saying you do. And if you do not, simply click that "Follow" button on the right hand side of the page, and join in the fun!

For extra entries, [you must first be a follower of the blog,] you can do one of the following. PLEASE leave separate comments for each of your bonus entries to count.

1) You will receive one extra entry for posting about this give way on your blog.

2) You will receive one extra entry for posting about this on Facebook.

3) You will receive one extra entry for EVERY person you get to follow the blog (make sure they mention you in the comment they leave on this page.)

PLEASE remember to leave your email address in each of your comments so that I can contact you if you're the lucky winner!

Ready to win? Get going, cause this giveaway will close when Marathon Mama blog reaches 50 followers! And believe me, there is ANOTHER great giveaway planned for when we hit 75 followers... lets get this party started!


  1. I love your blog I'm definitely a follower and the tutu's are adorable!

  2. Katie, I read your blog, but I can't see the follow button. I am getting kind of blind in my old age...

    But seriously, what would I do with a tutu?

  3. Hey Myrna, I've tried to post a comment on here a few times and seem to be having trouble, so let's see if it works this time! First of all, I'm so glad you read the blog and that you leave comments for me too! Love it! Second, you could definitely use a tutu in your dress up box at the very least; or gift it to a grand-daughter; or hold onto it for a gift to someone else - your choice! Seriously, tutu's are just fun! Third, the 'follow' button should be on the top right hand side of the page, in line with the post title. Underneath it will be the list of 'followers.' If you don't see it there, there should be another one at the top of the page, along with options to "share" or go to "next blog." I hope this helps!

    Erin, so glad you love the blog! I hope you're feeling fabulous!

  4. I am a follower!!

  5. aaaand i put it on facebook :)


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