Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Month - New Goal

One of the greatest things about accomplishing a goal is getting to put a ginormous check mark next to it - whether it's posted mentally or on your bathroom mirror it doesn't matter. One the the hardest things about checking off that monstrous goal is that your motivation begins to flag.

[insert new goal here]

So, since June is going to be horrendously busy month for me and my little family (we sold our house and the closing day is June 30th, were house hunting with a goal to move in on July 1st, we have family coming and going ALL month long, and we're trying to help my mom get her house ready for sale as well....on top of the usually day filling items that come with having a family of small children) it will be even more important to keep my workouts going to keep stress at bay.

My little sister works for LuLulemon, and as a staff they set goals and challenges to encourage one another to push further and accomplish more. So this month I am going to borrow a little inspiration from Marin's Lulu team, and set a "30 DAY Sweat." It's a simple as it sounds: Sweat every day, for 30 days. It doesn't have to always be a run, it can be crossfit (which my awesome hubby put me through this morning), other weight training, walking, yoga, swimming, rock climbing, etc. The sky is the limit! For the whole month of June I will be putting a little star on my calendar, along with a little one or two word description of what I did to sweat that day, and at the end of the month I will tally it up.
I REALLY want to be able to do a push up like this...minus the sweat dripping...or not

Are you up to the "30 DAY Sweat" Challenge? Leave a comment below to join the fun! There may even be a prize involved....

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