Friday, 10 June 2011

Sunny Skies

Thanks for the boost out of yesterday's blah day - friends are awesome. Turns out that what I really needed was some sleep (why a mother of two small children would need rest is beyond me...)and so after passing out on the couch with Darius while watching a movie in the afternoon, I went to bed relatively early, and woke up feeling MUCH better. Add to that tackling some nagging items on my to-do list, running (yeah for endorphins!), making two different cookie dough bites, taking my boys for a walk, and playing toys and you have one happy Momma - with two pooped out and napping boys. So, while the boys nap, why don't I catch you up to speed on some summer 'must do' activities?

 Puddle Jumping

Poor kid doesn't have a rain jacket - but his winter jacket layered over a sweater kept him warm and dry.
Rainy days need not be spent indoors! Darius and I recruited my hot hubby to play with Sweet Cheeks inside while we went exploring the great wet outdoors. In the process of becoming soaked to the bone, Darius acquired his first last and only pet - a worm he appropriately named "Wormy."

 Lawn Mowing

Notice the boomerang he's clutching even in his sleep!
Yard work is always more fun when it's completed as a family. After weeding in the garden with me, Darius climbed up onto the lawn mower with his awesome daddy, and went to work manicuring a winters worth of unruly lawn. It was absolutely EXHAUSTING work!

 Bike Riding

Pure joy on wheels.
Just yesterday Darius climbed up onto this TWO WHEELER and started peddling forwards and backwards, with ease. Sure the bike has training wheels, but this big boy is a pro! He has his daddy's self assured athletic ability - a wonderful quality  that will serve him well I'm sure.

 Chariot Cruising

Darius nursed his slurpee through the whole twenty minute ride, and Eli smiled almost the whole time
Today was Eli (Sweet Cheeks) first ride in the Chariot. With the little man turning four (months that is) tomorrow, we thought it was time to try out the double stroller with TWO kids in it. Both boys loved the ride, and it turned running a errand (mailing a letter) into a fun family activity.

There are so many ways we can get outside and be active with our kids through the summer months; so take advantage of the warmer weather and crawl out of hibernation!

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids in the summer?

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