Thursday, 2 June 2011


If you're looking for the Sweat Challenge check here, then swing on back for this one!
With June being filled with change (sold a house, looking for a house, Mom getting her house ready for sale, etc, etc) I am trying to simplify not only my routine (do I REALLY need to watch t.v. while cooking? Or, read a million blogs before bed?), my workouts (seriously try crossfit - its a cardio, strength training combo that will speed you through your workout), and my mental space, but also my surroundings. Sometimes the things we surround ourselves with transform into clutter, and then become junk. So, to avoid all my possessions that I truly do love and enjoy from lining the inside of a garbage bag, I am going back to the basics, and simplifying my decor. By the time I move into my new place, everything will be ready to go. First things first - I want beautiful art work that embodies my desire for focusing on the important, and not clutter my life with potential junk. As I contemplated this task I thought of my wonderful friend Cheri, and a class I attended where she address the importance of a de-cluttered life. The visuals she used were beautiful, so I contacted her and asked for the files so I could print my own. Check these out:

You can check out her post on these, as well as request the file from Cheri while you're over checking out her loveliness. You can be sure that when I have my new house, these graphics will be on display. Oh, I can't wait!

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