Sunday, 12 June 2011

{Happy Father's Day!}

Have you planned any little treats for the most special men in your (or your children's) life? Well, Darius and I have been discussing this very special day, and talking about what he wanted to make for his amazing Daddy and his two wonderful Papa's. We did a trial run on one of the ideas, and I have to say, it is a smashing success! What's not to like about a savory, crunchy treat, all wrapped up in a pretty I mean handsome package?

You'll need:

canning jars with lids
scrapbook paper
computer and printer for the labels
a little artist with their crayons
and a yummy treat!

Here's what we're making:

You can put anything inside of this cute little jar, but if you want to put in this yummy, delicious, "I want to eat it all day!" treat, stay tuned for the recipe!

Start with the labels. I printed out three phrases," I'm CRAZY about you - Happy Father's Day!", "You're one 'Top Pop' - Happy Father's Day!", and "I love you! Happy Father's Day" Guess which one Darius came up with*??

Once the labels have been printed, hand them over to your little artist(s) for decoration. Once they're all beautified, cut them out.

Now take those wonderful jars, wrapped in decorative paper (I glued my paper on the jar before pasting the label on the paper. It's up to you, but I find it easier to center the label once the paper is already secured on the jar.) and glue on your decorated labels.

Use the canning lid as a guide, and trace around it to get a perfect circle of patterned paper for the top. Cut this out and glue it on the top side of the lid, so it will be visible when secured to the top.

Now fill those jars with your treat! Anything will do really, from mini chocolate bars, to trail mix, to this delicious popcorn concoction that Darius and I made! (I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow!)

And lastly, secure the lids, tie with a ribbon, and voila! You've got yourself a handy-dandy Father's Day treat!

* Darius' phrase for the labels is " I'm CRAZY about you - Happy Father's Day!"


  1. Good idea! i think we may just try this one, Thanks!

  2. oh, did you use just regular craft glue? or glue gun?

  3. Just regular glue stick glue is all you need! I just glued the paper to itself (Meaning its not glued directly to the jar, so its more like a sleeve) so that when the popcorns been enjoyed I don't have to scrubbed the jar so hard to get all the dried on glue off. Saves a little work down the road!


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